The Business On... Brady Dougan, Chief executive, Credit Suisse

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He's in the money, we hear?

Indeed – Credit Suisse revealed yesterday that Mr Dougan was paid Sfr12.8m (£8.7m) last year.

So the good times are back?

Well, it's a huge sum, for sure – but not as huge as the Sfr19.2m he got in 2009. And not only did his pay and bonus fall by more than a third last year, there is speculation that Mr Dougan earned nothing at all from a separate pay scheme for executives at Credit Suisse, though this won't be confirmed until next week.

Poor him.

Well, "poor" probably isn't the word for this Wall Street veteran – the 52-year-old American, who grew up in Illinois, has worked for a string of investment banks – but he's unlikely to be pleased.

Does he have a supportive family to comfort him?

He's happily married, thanks, though don't mention his first wife. They're in the middle of a protracted legal dispute dating from their divorce six years ago.

What happened?

When the couple split, Mr Dougan agreed to pay his ex-wife, Tomoko, $15.3m in two instalments. He was 12 days late with the second payment, of $7.5m, in 2006.

And she wasn't too impressed?

Right. Mr Dougan added $25,000 to the pot as interest for the 12 days, but his former wife demanded additional payments backdated to the original divorce settlement a year previously. Five years later, they're still arguing about the $750,000 at stake – the latest court hearing took place last week.

But he can pay, surely?

Maybe it's the principle – these banker types just hate to lose.

Does he usually win?

Pretty much – and when he doesn't, he hedges his losses. Mr Dougan, a keen runner, was once bet that he couldn't run a mile in five minutes. He trained for the challenge, but still missed out by four seconds. Happily, he had set up the bid like a derivative, with the payout getting smaller the closer he came.