The Business On... Jim Rogers, Investor

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Why is he in the news?

The legendary investor, who once said the UK was "finished", has been buying euros.

How does that work?

"When no one wants something, that should be signal to you to think about buying it, at least for a rally." He says that if Greece went bankrupt it would show that the eurozone is running a "tight ship".

Clever, eh?

Well, Rogers is a former partner of George Soros and this how the hedge funds make their money.

Youthful ambition?

All the other Americans he knew at Oxford wanted to be president; He wanted to be a "gnome of Zurich".

So the euro could survive?

Rogers points out that plenty of states and cities in the US have gone bust, but the dollar is still standing.

How did he get along with Soros?

It was all a long time ago. According to Sebastian Mallaby's history of hedge funds, back in 1973 Soros decided to start his own fund and took the "irascible workaholic analyst" with him. They parted company in 1980, apparently because Soros "blamed Rogers for driving younger employees out of the firm, frustrating Soros' hopes of spreading the workload".


The story goes that he was once interviewed in his Manhattan home and he conducted the discussion while wincing and gasping on an exercise bike that was rigged up with a laptop and phone, for maximum multitasking.

What's he been up to since?

Commodities, going on TV, being outrageous. He moved to Singapore and went round the world in a yellow Mercedes convertible.

Any tips?

There's a clue in his latest book: A Bull in China: Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market. India "as we know it", however, "will not survive another 30 or 40 years".