The Business On... The Sorrell family, Business dynasty in the making

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That's Sir Martin and his boys, right?

You've got it. Sir Martin Sorrell is, of course, the chief executive of the media giant WPP, which he has built into a mega company through a string of acquisitions. He has three sons, all of whom look set to be equally high-flyers.

Tells us more.

Well, it's Jonathan Sorrell we are most interested in today. Aged 33, he's already made quite a reputation for himself in the hedge fundbusiness, having set up Goldman Sachs' Petershill investment fund. Now he's off to Man Group, the giant hedge fund manager.

To do what?

He's going to be the company's head of strategy and will sit on its executive committee – the job represents a move up the slippery corporate ladder for Mr Sorrell, who has won plaudits for the performance of Petershill, particularly the way it has held up despite the difficult investment climate of the past couple of years. Its clients include pension funds, insurance companies and even sovereign wealth funds.

He's one to watch then?

Definitely, though he's been marked as a rising star in the City forseveral years. The London Evening Standard named him as an up-and-coming influence on the London investment scene four years ago.

Will there be sibling rivalry?

Probably not, since his brothers are doing pretty well for themselves too. On quitting Goldman, Jonathan will be leaving behind Mark Sorrell, the eldest of the trio. He's already been made a partner at the firm, where he is co-head of UK investment banking.

And their remaining brother?

That would be Robert. Inevitably, he's spent some time at Goldman too – he quit last year to run his own hedge fund, Sorrell Capital.

Sir Martin must be very proud?

No doubt – and the City ought toprepare itself for a second onslaught in the years to come. In addition to his three sons, Sir Martin has five grandchildren. Watch this space.