The grand old Duke of York... when he was up he was up...


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Prince Andrew has scaled some dizzying heights in his time, even though the Duke of York's latest feat, which saw him amble down a section of The Shard, Europe's tallest building (1,016ft), failed to impress Trending's resident adventurer. Here, we chart Andy's other sky-high stunts:

1978 (4,000ft) – At 18 he completes his first parachute jump with the navy, narrowly avoiding disaster when his lines get tangled.

1982 (0-300ft) – After earning his wings, he moves on to advanced training on Sea King Helicopters with the fleet air arm. Terrifyingly for the government, his unit is part of the Falklands task force and he, and his mother, insists he be sent.

2001 (30,000ft) – After retiring from the navy with a rank of captain, Andrew is made a roving UK trade ambassador. Most of that roving is done on aeroplanes and his nickname of "randy Andy" is supplanted by another – no, not "mile-high Andy" – "air miles Andy".

2009 (1,000 ft) – The "air miles" tag fails to bring Andy down. He takes a £2,000 trip in a royal helicopter from Windsor to a golf course in Kent for a party.