The Queen’s speech 2014: Recap and Twitter reaction to Game of Thrones reference

This year’s Christmas message was a resounding one of hope and reconciliation

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The Queen has delivered her annual Christmas message to the nation and Commonwealth, reflecting on the centenary of the First World War and praising the work of aid workers tackling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Speaking in a pre-recorded speech filmed in November, the Queen’s resounding message was one of reconciliation and hope. She used the image of a sculpture of a man and woman reaching out to embrace each other called “Reconciliation” to frame her speech.

The Queen said she was “deeply touched” by those who have travelled to war and disaster zones to help others, including aid workers dealing with the Ebola virus and men and women in the armed forces.

This year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Scottish referendum were also mentioned in her message. She also spoke about the ceramic poppies in London and the war-time Christmas Day truce.

The Queen briefly discussed her visit to Belfast over the summer and seeing the Game of Thrones set. While the visit garnered the most media attention, the Queen said that her trip to the Crumlin Road jail had a greater impact on her, “What was once a prison during The Troubles is now a place of hope and fresh purpose.”

The speech ended on a poignant note, “Even in the unlikeliest of places, hope can still be found”.

The Queen’s speech was met with positive reaction from people on Twitter, most notably for mentioning her visit to the Game of Thrones set in Belfast back in June.

One Twitter user called Sophie Corfan said, “Did the Queen seriously just name drop Game of Thrones!? I thought she'd have been more of an Orange is the New Black fan. #QueensSpeech”.

While a parody account called @Queen_UK jokingly tweeted "Rocked it. #QueensSpeech" following the broadcast.

Sky Atlantic, which broadcasts the HBO fantasy series in the UK, cheekily tweeted from their Thronecast account, “Thanks @BritishMonarchy for your shoutout to #GameOfThrones in the Queen's Speech!”.


Even those who are opposed to the institution of the British monarchy praised the Queen. Anna Sue posted on Twitter, “Ideologically I must oppose monarchy... But Her Majesty is a great lady and an inspiring head of state #fb #TheQueen”.