Tony Blair the return? Former PM 'seeks EU saviour role'

Tony Blair reportedly proposed a 'pro-European role' for himself in a meeting with Angela Merkel

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Tony Blair is apparently angling for a come back to European politics as saviour to the European Union in the face of growing public scepticism.

Not content with his widely condemned performance and perceived failures as Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East, Blair now wants to get his hands back on the EU and Britain.

In a meeting with Angela Merkel, hours after the European elections, Blair pushed the case for him taking up a “pro-European role”, The Financial Times reports.

According to the report, Blair sees himself becoming an unpaid advocate of the EU, while also promoting the need for reform.

Despite being after the role four years ago, he does not want to be considered as a replacement for Herman Van Rompuy when the Belgian resigns as president of the European Council in November, the newspaper said.

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Along with spending the last few years swanning around Jerusalem, Blair has established a profitable advisory business, which he would likely have to give up in an official EU role, but not in a more informal one, it is believed.

Blair’s pandering comes as his Prime Ministerial predecessor John Major backed a referendum on the UK’s membership to the EU.