Trending: A lounge suit at a wedding? How very dare he?


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Were we transported back to 1952 this weekend? To read comments on the Prime Minister's sartorial choices at a "society wedding" (read, posh), you'd think so. Essentially the story can be summarised thus: man wears lounge suit – rather than a morning suit – to wedding.

Naturally this caused a localised burst of knicker twisting at the offices of the Telegraph and Mail. The former duly devoted a leader to harrumphing about David Cameron's desire "to show himself as a man of the people", as if he had turned up in a string vest and cap rather than a suit that probably cost the same as a hatchback. While the Mail went for a headline containing the words "posh Dave ... high-society ... [and] class gibe". As of writing this, the Prime Minister hadn't yet resigned.