Trending: Just a run-of-the-treadmill day in the life of world leaders

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When you're the leader of the free world, every second counts. So rather than slipping on a pair of headphones and cranking up the volume on Now That's What I Call Running 3 in the gym at Camp David at the weekend, Barack Obama instead collared David Cameron for some eurozone chat – while they were both on the treadmill.

It seems like the G8 gym session is the highest-profile instance of "sweatworking", a phenomenon that first reared its head in America (The New York Times flagged it up a few months ago) but seems to be gaining ground in Britain. The idea is that contacts and/or colleagues bond over a spinning class that is significantly healthier and more cost-effective than traditional boozy schmoozing in bars or restaurants.

But despite the clever(ish) name and of-the-moment vibe of working while you work out ("We'll show Greece a thing or two about efficiency"), is Dave and Barry's sweatworking sesh really any different from the old chestnut of talking shop while playing golf with the boss? Not really – but I bet they didn't enjoy any G&Ts in the clubhouse afterwards.