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I'd certainly be in the mood to Celebrate if I had just received a £400,000 advance for my first foray into publishing. But what can we learn from the cover of Pippa Middleton's forthcoming party-planning bible.

Well, one of the five pictures of Pippa (count 'em) sees her balancing a tray of champagne flutes; we can assume she mastered that art by passing around fizz at social gatherings rather than waitressing down the local.

And despite the subheading being A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, it's clear the publishers are hoping to grab a slice of the lucrative festive market by sticking a few shots of biscuits shaped as Christmas trees on the front). Hopefully they'll update the cover for next summer, which will provide the perfect excuse to snap Pippa in a bikini, sipping on some Pimm's.