Vinnie Jones left nursing bruises after fight with fellow actor Tamer Hassan

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Footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones was left nursing bruises after he came to blows with fellow British movie hardman Tamer Hassan when they met in a Hollywood hotel.

Jones and Clash Of The Titans star Hassan - due to film a new movie together shortly - tussled outside the swanky Chateau Marmont hotel on Saturday night.

The two actors' accounts of the encounter vary but Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star Jones, 45, and 42-year-old Hassan had a previous disagreement over New Year.

Jones was seen wearing dark glasses and sporting a bruised left cheek and scratched neck when he turned out to watch his Hollywood All-Stars football team play in Santa Monica on Sunday.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant was at a business dinner in the hotel's restaurant with his wife and two film producers on the night of the incident.

A spokesman for Jones said the former soccer player went over to Hassan's table to make peace, but claimed: "When Vinnie held his hand out to shake, Mr Hassan became verbally abusive, at which point Vinnie suggested they leave the restaurant to resolve the situation."

The pair then clashed outside.

Hassan's lawyer, Eddie Parladorio, said his client had been subjected to an "unprovoked attack".

"He regrets being put in the position of having to defend himself, but defend himself he did."

The two men are due to begin filming action movie Blood Out on location in Louisiana next week.