What Katie did next: give good divorce


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It's probably fair to say that few folk outside of the Tom Cruise fan club or the Scientology Appreciation Society envied Katie Holmes her marriage. But I reckon I'm not alone in thinking that I wouldn't mind her divorce. She's managed to come out of her split with dignity, and without getting either a terrible post-divorce haircut or into bed with an ill-advised (if buff) new conquest.

She doesn't appear to have gone for Tom's throat or his bank balance, she's just slipped off to New York for a new life where taxis and commercial flights rather than chauffeur-driven limos and private jets are the norm. She hasn't taken to Twitter to make snarky jokes about small men and their anger issues and she's even gone and landed herself a zinger of a new job.

Yep, Katie is set to be the first celebrity face of Bobbi Brown, the make-up brand that prides itself on making women look great, rather than like sticky-lipped glamazons. Even its tagline, "Pretty Powerful" is an appropriate motto for the girl next door who walked out on the movie star from another planet. I don't know who Katie's manager – or, more importantly, her PR – is, but they're worth every bit of the alimony that's coming their way.