What's it like having a famous person's name?


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A little annoying, frankly. People will ask me how my tour is going, or about my last album. Sometimes random people will add me on Facebook, usually with a message that indicates to me that they've mistaken me for the singer Kate Bush. My only concern is that, later in life, if someone wants to know more about my research in astronomy, they'll google my name and find nothing but music.

Kate Bush

I get teased... a lot. I studied graphic arts at university, and my course had a major component in photography. My job also involves me taking loads of photos for websites and social media. When out shooting, I always get comments from those old enough to remember Bailey's work for Vogue magazine.

David Bailey, web designer

My name is Patrick Stewart and I can honestly say it's been great having a famous name. Especially when the person you are meeting is cute. It's a conversation-starter and luckily the actor I share a name with is really cool and well-liked. I wasn't named after him specifically, since he wasn't famous in the US when I was born. People used to tag me in Twitter posts nearly every day thinking I was him. I eventually got tired of [it] so I contacted Sir Patrick's PR people. After a day or two of speaking to them he accepted my Twitter name happily. So if you go to @patrickstewart you'll see it points to his more used name @sirpatstew. But to get back to the question, it's been awesome sharing a famous name.

Patrick Stewart, computer services analyst

'But, you're white?!"

"Do you play the trumpet also?"

"Your parents must be big jazz fans!"

Miles Davis

It's pretty annoying, but also kind of fun. I try to hyphenate more often than not since I got the last name recently from becoming married. I wonder how many people get emails from me and think it's spam. I always joke that I will probably end up with great dinner reservations and really disappointed stalkers. It's also impossible to Google yourself :).

Megan Fox, recruiter

I do enjoy being addressed as "Mr Prime Minister". The downside is worrying that angry British ex-pats are going to punch me in the nose.

David Cameron

Yes, I know what it's like "Being John Malkovich". It means I get asked that several times a week.

John Malcovitch

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