When Gazza met Russell Brand: Five things we learned from their BT Sport appearance

The football legend and the comedian shared the BT Sport sofa this morning

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Football legend Paul Gascoigne made a rare TV appearance this morning and revealed he was “enjoying life” these days.

He was accompanied on BT Sport’s Fletch and Sav chat show by comedian Russell Brand – who seemed more than a little star struck to be in the former Tottenham striker’s presence.

Gazza, 47, who spoke candidly about his addiction, was comforted several times by the Revolution author Brand, 39, who has also spoken publicly about his own problems with drugs and alcoholism.

Here are five things we learned from Gazza’s appearance:


Gazza is full of brilliant anecdotes

On Bryan Robson: "I used to call him dog poo - because he was everywhere."

Talking to a Tottenham groundsman concerned about pigeons in the roof, Gazza climbed up on the roof, which promptly “went crack!” and collapsed, letting him fall 30ft and leaving him with a bruised shoulder. Asked by his manager what happened: “A pigeon did it, boss.”

"I been on a whisky diet. I lost three days.”

"I remember my teacher saying you'll never be a footballer only one in a million make it. I said I'll be that one sir. And I used to go back and haunt him!"

"I didn't really want to leave Newcastle. but if you want to be the best you have to play with the best. Spurs had good players and we were selling Waddle, Beardsley."

Russell Brand got a bit emotional

"I wouldn’t normally come to White Hart Lane unless I was in disguise and hijab-ed up but I am here to see Gazza. One of the figures that transcends clubs because he is such a beautiful figure and a genius,” he said.

Gazza got a bit emotional (but there were no waterworks)

1990 World Cup: Talking about his famous tears, Gazza revealed that in that moment he thought his life was over. He thought he’d never play football again, let alone see another World Cup.

Last week: "I was in tears to my dad and my sister last week because I felt lonely. I miss football. I think if I was playing, I could have done that pass, when I see a game. It is frustrating. I feel I have unfinished business."

Brand put his arm around Gazza

"The greatness is still in you, even if your body cannot do it anymore. You still have so much to give, you have a future," he said.

People were thrilled to see Gazza looking so well

@GaryLineker: Great to see Gazza in such sparkling form. Love the lunatic

@MrBarrymore: Sat here with tears in my eyes laughing & from the emotion of seeing Gazza so well. Makes staying well so worth while#Legend

@BMCRangersRants: Thanks @btsport @btsportfootball @FletchAndSav for having a genius of football on today. Gazza has made me smile. Brilliant. #OnlyOneGazza

@GlasgowChick Not often I think "Fair play Russell Brand" - compassionate words to Gazza