Why is Tamara so happy? Because, a new study reports, she's eating out in Nando's, and going to restaurants makes people happy


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Wondering whether to go out for dinner tonight? Well take it from us, you should, it will make you happier.

The World Happiness Database in Rotterdam (yes, it does sound like an overbearingly upbeat place to work) has compiled a number of studies on what activities and behaviours make mankind tick. On their list of happy-making activities is going out for dinner.

It seems to be a statement of the obvious that instead of slaving away at the hot microwave, people get out of the house, have a glass of wine (drinking in moderation makes people happier than abstinence), a nice meal and the chance to talk about the other people in the restaurant.

Plus of course, despite the media’s obsession that we are all foodies now, and aside from your mother’s shepherd’s pie, those who work in restaurants often make better food than you get at home.

But of course, by eating out regularly you also face the double risk of becoming both fatter and poorer.

However, there seems to be no danger of either of those things for Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Formula One owner Bernie and whose recent wedding in the South of France cost a mere £7m.

Sunday was date night for the trim reality star and new husband Jay Rutland, with the pair popping into chicken chain Nando’s on Sunday before heading to the cinema.

“Been dragged to watch World War Z #dutifulwife,” she tweeted. Still, at least the dinner will have made her happy.