X Factor's John and Edward offered £270,000 to sign up for Big Brother

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X Factor twins John and Edward have been offered £270,000 to sign up to next month's Celebrity Big Brother.

Dublin's Evening Herald revealed negotiations have been ongoing for the past few weeks as desperate TV producers try to persuade Jedward to sign up for the Channel 4 reality show.

Show chiefs believe the 18-year-old Lucan twins, now being managed by X Factor judge Louis Walsh, would be a massive hit with viewers.

"The first TV deal that they take is really crucial as it will literally make or break them in terms of their career so they have to be cautious about what they agree to do," said an insider. "Some of the things they've been offered would turn them into total laughing stocks, but Celebrity Big Brother is definitely a possibility.

"They're both so energetic and have such big personalities, they would be a great addition to a celebrity line-up."

The tone-deaf twins, who are being tipped to be millionaires before they turn 20, took to the stage at the X Factor last weekend to perform for a final time in the ITV show, won by Joe McElderry.

Jedward have already signed up for a series of ads with Tourism Ireland, which hit the British airwaves for the first time recently.

The quiff-haired twins are also rumoured to be gearing up to audition for roles playing dwarves in a Hollywood remake of JRR Tolkien's classic The Hobbit.

Legendary film producer Peter Jackson's people rang Louis inviting the lads to do a screen test for his Lord Of The Rings prequel.

It could see the duo being offered the roles of twins Fili and Kili - part of a band of dwarves on a mission with the wizard Gandalf.

Source: Belfast Telegraph