When One Direction announced their hiatus last year, it left thousands of fans devastated and confused.

However, now one fan has given Niall Horan a rude awakening by telling him none really cares any more.

Horan appeared on a phone-in for Australian radio talk show Kyle and Jackie O when a fan called Eve called in from Canada.

After asking him about his dream golfing partner a subdued-sounding Eve explained she was containing her excitement as she was at school.

“Tell them you’re on the phone with Niall, they’ll totally lose their minds,” Kyle suggested.

“I’m sorry but I live in Canada, no one really cares about it anymore,” she said.


An awkward laughter from Horan ensued before Kyle exclaimed: “What do you mean people don’t care, freaking Niall’s on the phone?!”

“I know, people suck,” an honest Eve conceded. 

Horan announced the release of his first solo record “This Town” last week. His fellow One Direction band members have also been filling their time during their hiatus. Liam Payne is rumoured to also be recording music. Harry Styles has been filming Dunkirk and Louis Tomlinson is now a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Zayn Malik, who left the group pre-hiatus, has released a solo album, starred on numerous magazine covers, been recognised as an emerging fashion icon all while continuously speaking out against his time in the band.