Nick Clegg weighs in on the great leaders' lunch debate

The deputy PM sees Cameron's Nando's and raises him a Pret meatball wrap

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In what could be a key turning point ahead of May's crunch General Election, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has revealed his love for Pret A Manger's Swedish meatball wrap.

On Wednesday, David Cameron was asked by Capital Radio: “Everyone’s over in London for the G7 summit. It’s up to you to order lunch. Do you go to Harvester, the Gordon Ramsay pub or get some chicken in from Nando’s?

Cameron responded: “I think Nando’s is the best value for money. I had a very good Nando’s in Bristol.”

On Thursday, with Clegg talking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, the radio host asked the Lib Dem leader whether he would choose either Nando's, a Harvester, the Gordon Ramsay pub or a tapas bar?

Clegg admitted he would have chosen Nando's but added, "Can I speak up for the Swedish meatball wrap that Pret do? That is quite a staple diet for me."

While Clegg tells Ferrari he should sample the wrap, he was "stumped" when asked how much the delicacy cost. "I can't remember," Clegg said, before adding that he sometimes bought soup from the popular chain. The price of the wrap is £4.25.

Ferrari quipped, "Do you have staff that buy it for you?"

Pret A Manger's Swedish meatball wrap consists of a tortilla wrap, pork meatballs, sliced greve cheese, chilli tomato sauce and sliced red onions.

After Cameron revealed his preference for Nando's, Nigel Farage told Guido Fawkes: “Harvester over Nando’s any day, but if you ask me a good local pub can’t be beat.”