Nick Robinson called a 'nob' on The One Show

Welsh TV presenter Alex Jones accidentally introduced the journalism heavyweight as 'Rick Nobinson'

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The BBC's ex-political editor, Nick Robinson, received a surprise introduction on Friday night’s episode of The One Show.

Robinson, who retired from his role as political editor in July, fell victim to a Spoonerism from one of the programme’s longest running presenters, Alex Jones.

Jones accidentally introduced the journalism heavyweight, who is due to present BBC Radio 4's Today programme, as “Rick Nobinson”.

The introduction received cries of laughter from the show’s crew and studio audience, while co-presenter Nick Grimshaw cried “Who?” following the verbal slip-up.

Fortunately, Robinson took the mistake in good humour, replying: “It could cotton on; it’s my stage name.”

Twitter also found the incident amusing:


Robinson appeared on the programme to discuss Labour’s leadership election.

When asked about leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s rapid rise in popularity he said he thought people wanted to vote for “someone different, who looks different and argues for different policies" after the Conservative's general election victory this year.