Nigel Farage is the surprise campaign star of an extramarital affairs dating website

The Ukip leader is bound to be less than happy with this latest bout of publicity

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It probably isn’t the type of publicity he had in mind, but Nigel Farage is the star of a new billboard campaign promoting an extramarital affairs dating website.

The campaign for Victoria Milan -  which helps people conduct “confidential affairs” - was launched outside Ukip’s Mayfair headquarters and will be visible around the streets of London in the coming weeks.

Farage – an alleged womaniser - was thought to be the ideal candidate for the poster after the latest rumours of his infidelity emerged last week.

The Ukip leader was pictured seemingly holding hands with Maltese travel chief Ande Soteri as he entered his hotel in the early hours of 5 June during a trip to Malta where he delivered a speech for the Institute for Travel and Tourism’s (ITT) annual conference in Valletta. The images were blurry and he could have been helping the woman, who was on crutches.

He quickly denied the speculation calling the photographs “completely innocent”.

However, his comment didn’t stop his face being emblazoned across billboards.

“Every one of us has weaknesses and so does Mr Farage. His colleagues have publicly admitted that women are his biggest weakness, and media reports have confirmed this fact,” said Victoria Milan founder and CEO, Mr. Sigurd Vedal.

“Four million Victoria Milan members can’t be wrong. Some weaknesses are best kept hidden.”

Farage has been married to his second wife, Kirsten Mehr, since 1999 and she now serves as his secretary.

He has been accused of having affairs before – all of which he has denied.

In 2005, reports emerged of him having a seven-times-a-night tryst with a Latvian woman, rumours which he denied, but for which he was nevertheless allegedly applauded by members of Ukip with a can of 7UP.

In 2006, he was accused of having an affair with 32-year-old colleague Annabelle Fuller. Both Farage and Fuller have vehemently denied the allegations.

“The story of Mr  Farage is a warning to anyone who wants to keep his or her affairs out of the front pages,” said Vedal.

“Any affair can be discreet, but one has follow some basic rules to keep it that way,” says Mr

Vedal. “At Victoria Milan we make sure every affair stays secret–whether you’re a famous politician, or a wife upset with her husband for leaving her at home while he’s dancing in a Mediterranean nightclub.”