Noel Gallagher on brother Liam's missed child support court hearings: He's 'made a f***ing mess' of his life

The judge said Liam's excuse for missing his court date was "inexcusable"

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Liam Gallagher has been urged by his brother Noel to "cleanse yourself of a lot of f***ing s**t baggage" and "start again".

This came after Liam's absence in court for a child-support hearing with ex Liza Ghorbani over their 22-month-old daughter Gemma. The judge said Liam's excuse for missing his court date was "inexcusable" and fined him £3,500.

Talking to the NME, Noel said: "He's made a f***ing mess of things at the moment but we've all been there. I've been there. Something like that can be a great thing because you get to the bottom and you cleanse yourself of a lot of f***ing s**t baggage and you start again.

"I'm the kind of person that says, 'F**k it, take it' and I'll start again. And that would be my advice to him."


Speaking about the last time the brothers saw each other, in May 2014, Noel said: "I was like: 'Oh yeah, alright, and how are you?' Every time I see him he is still being a bit of a f**king cheeky c***. And he’s still putting out the persona of the angry barking dog."

Noel's reputation for being mouthy remains undimmed, as he recently got in a jokey argument with Ed Sheeran after criticising the singer. Noel also recently accused his friend Russell Brand of talking "a load of s**t" and added: "I couldn't see him overthrowing a table of drinks".