Kim Jong-un watches North Korea's first all-female supersonic jet drill, calls pilots 'flowers of the sky'

The leader says the world should be proud because it is 'hard for men to fly' the jets

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North Korea’s state media has released photos which it says show leader Kim Jong-un observing the inaugural training session of the nation’s first two female supersonic jet pilots.

Kim watched as Jo Kum-hyang and Rim Sol took off and landed during a drill, and called them “flowers of the sky”, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported citing North Korea’s Central News Agency.

The two women were previously praised by the leader in 2014, when they completed a flying pursuit drill, The Telegraph reported.

On both occasions, Kim made comments highlighting that the pair were women in order to suggest that they would find it more difficult to fly planes.

“The girls' solo flight of supersonic fighters in which it is hard for men to fly is a success to be proud of in the world,“ he said about the latest flight, the KCNA reported.

The release of the photos, which are undated, come after a defector warned that the country is capable of inflicting cyber-attacks on a devastating scale.

Prof Kim Heung-Kwang told BBC Click that the country has trained around 6,000 military hackers which make up Bureau 121.

However he added: “I think it's important to underline that this is theoretical and possible from non-North Korean hackers too.”