Northern Ireland Gallantry Awards

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Cpl Paul Alan Simcox (Royal Marines); Sgt Paul Edward Hadley (Royal Marines); Lt-Cdr Graham David Niven (Royal Marines).


CBE (Military)

Brigadier Raymond Michael Matthew Low OBE, late The Queen's Regiment.

OBE (Military)

Lt-Col (now Colonel) Oswald Terence Hall, Royal Logistics Corps; Lt-Col John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton, The Green Howards; Lt-Col Anthony James Relton Jackson, The Royal Irish Regiment; Lt-Col Anthony William John Kennett, The Parachute Regiment; Lt-Col (acting Colonel) Richard Rook, Royal Logistics Corps; Lt-Col Timothy Simon Spicer, Scots Guards; Lt-Col David Vincent Walsh, The King's Regiment.

MBE (Military)

Major (acting Lt-Col) John Howard Baber, Adjutant General's Corps (PRO); Capt Mark James Banwell, Corps of Royal Engineers; WO Class 2 Derek Francis John Bull, BEM, The Parachute Regiment (now retired); Staff Sgt Emrys Evans, The Royal Irish Regiment; Major David St John Homer, The Royal Green Jackets; Capt David Charles Hudson, Corps of Royal Engineers; Major Ian Arthur Jones, Royal Logistic Corps; Staff Sgt (now WO Class 2) William Henry Kerr, The Royal Irish Regiment; Lt-Col Hamish Hugh McNinch, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; Major Patrick John Mercer, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment; Major Paul John Moseley, Royal Corps of Signals.

Major Thomas Charles O'Brien, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; Major Steven Paul Smith, Royal Logistics Corps; Lt (now Capt) Richard James Aethelstan Stanford, Welsh Guards; Major Richard Francis Strawbridge, Royal Corps of Signals; WO Class 2 Kevin Michael Tobin, BEM, Intelligence Corps; WO Class 2 William Todd, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; Major Mark Nicholas Down Turner, Scots Guards; WO Class 1 Peter Michael Williams, Royal Logistics Corps; Major Alastair Edward Henry Worsley, The Royal Green Jackets.


Capt (acting Major) David Charles Senior, Army Air Corps.


Staff Sgt Trevor William Sullivan, Army Air Corps.


L/Cpl Mark John Fryer, The Royal Green Jackets.


WO Class 1 (now Lt, acting Capt) John Robert Timothy Balding, Royal Logistics Corps.


L/Cpl (now Cpl) Trevor James Gilfillan, The Royal Irish Regiment; Lance Sgt Stuart Robert Goodman, Scots Guards; Pte Michael Gary Neill, The Royal Irish Regiment.


WO Class 1 Glen Bryan Adams, Intelligence Corps; Major Andrew David Hawkesford BUDD, Royal Regiment of Artillery; Lance Sgt Leslie Burgess, Scots Guards; Capt Timothy James Carmichael, Royal Corps of Signals; Lt-Col (now Col) Nicholas Jeremy Cottam, OBE, The Royal Green Jackets; L/Cpl (acting Cpl) Simon Peter Crossman, Corps of Royal Engineering; L/Cpl Robert James Darragh, The Royal Irish Regiment; Guardsman Joseph Cairney Docherty, Scots Guards; Fusilier Stephen Anthony Donathy, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; Lt-Col Stanley Robertson Dougan, The Royal Scots.

L/Cpl (acting Cpl) Ian Michael Follett, The Parachute Regiment; Sgt (acting Staff Sgt) Gary Denis Frost, Corps of Royal Engineers; L/Cpl Robert Andrew Gass, The Royal Irish Regiment; Pte Derek Thomas Gibson, The Royal Irish Regiment; L/Cpl Leonard Irvine Hanna, The Royal Irish Regiment; Cpl David Alexander Harris, Adjutant General's Corps; Major Andrew Conway Jackson, The King's Own Scottish Borderers; Air Tpr Brendan John Joyce, Army Air Corps; Capt Robert Scott Lawther, The Royal Irish Regiment; L/Cpl Leslie Levick, Corps of Royal Engineers; Staff Sgt Ian Michael Loughborough, Intelligence Corps.

Lt-Col Donal Niall MacGregor-Smith, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; Sgt Michael Alexander Main, Royal Corps of Signals; Capt Michael John Manning, Coldstream Guards; Major Andrew Dutton Mason, The Parachute Regiment; L/Cpl Stephen George Mathie, The Royal Scots; Capt Richard Lewis Maybery, QGM, Royal Logistics Corps; Capt William McCrorie, Adjutant General's Corps (PRO); Capt (acting Major) Paul Gordon Mithcell, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; Major Brian Mowll, The Green Howards; L/Cpl Brian Sidney ORR, The Royal Irish Regiment; Capt (acting Major) Charles Spencer Thomas Page, Scots Guards; Sgt Lee Phillipps, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Lance Sgt Mark John Pollard, Coldstream Guards; Major (acting Lt-Col) John Potter, MC, The Royal Irish Regiment; Capt Jonathan Charles Edward Price, Army Air Corps; Major Dennis Reginald Prowse, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; WO Class 2 Steven John Ranson, Welsh Guards; Lt Andrew Rawding, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; Lt-Col David Julian Richards, Royal Regiment of Artillery; Major David Anthony Hirst Shaw, Royal Regiment of Artillery; Bombardier Peter Sherborne, Royal Regiment of Artillery; Cpl (acting Sgt) Stuart Grant Simpson, The Royal Scots; Lt (now Capt) Peter Gary Smith, Royal Logistics Corps; Capt William Kevin Smith, The Royal Irish Regiment; Staff Sgt Nicholas Kieth Solomon, Corps of Royal Engineers; WO Class 1 Arthur McBride Storrie, Adjutant General's Corps (PRO); Lance Sgt Mark Douglas Swift, Irish Guards; Lt-Col William Penndennis Sylvester, The Royal Scots.

Cpl Stephen Tappin; Royal Logistics Corps; Capt Martin Phillips Michael Travers, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; Major David Delaval Simon Alexander Vandeleur, Coldstream Guards; Lt Robert Ben Lobban Wallace, Scots Guards; L/Cpl (acting Cpl) Darren Roderisk Warren Ware, The Royal Green Jackets; Capt George Charles Waters, Coldstream Guards; Lt-Col Peter Gage Williams MBE, Coldstream Guards; Cpl Craig Darryl Wrath, Royal Corps of Signals.


MBE (Military)

Flt Lt Stuart John Bowles, RAF.


Flt Lt Robert Scott Weir, RAF.


SAC Andrew James Stephen Holsgrove.