Nothing to see here. Just Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett chilling out on a bench

A child’s opportune selfie captures two legends in one

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There’s not an awful lot to say about this picture.

There is no news-worthy aspect to report. Other than Paul McCartney appears, at least from a slightly blurry, camera phone distance, much improved health-wise since he was struck down with a virus and forced to cancel several shows in Japan last month.

And that multi-million-pound investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett still looks like Warren Buffett. Read – increasingly like the main character in tear-jerking Disney-Pixar classic Up.

But we are a little envious of Tom White, the child from Omaha, whose otherwise ordinary evening strolling down town became really rather legendary.

Spotting the Beatle and Buffett casually languishing on a nearby bench, he posed for a thumbs up snap, taken and posted onto Twitter by White’s friend, Luke (@LukeKoesters) on Twitter.

“Just saw Paul McCartney in Dundee! My night is awesome!!!!!” he captioned it.

White followed suit, uploading the very same snap to Twitter and Instagram. It was really popular, as it happens. Though we’d have loved to know what the pair had been discussing. The ones on the bench, that is, not behind the lens. That, we can imagine, was entirely punctuated with “cool”s and “unreal”s and other adolescent declarations of disbelief. We'd have been exactly the same.