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David Tennant, journalist, died London 26 June, aged 66. Travel and Transport Correspondent, Thomson Regional Newspapers 1967-82. Won the Travel Writer of the Year award for 1981-82, on the day he was made redundant. Travel editor of the Illustrated London News 1982-88.

Yohanan Bader, politician and guerrilla leader, died Tel Aviv 17 June, aged 93. A founding father of Israel's right-wing Likud Party, he served for 28 years in parliament in the opposition led by Menachem Begin. Retired when the party came to power in 1977.

Haji Mastan, smuggler, died Bombay 25 June, aged 72. A former dock worker, he became involved in smuggling in the 1960s and 1970s, and was linked with a series of vicious crimes. He legitimised his business by moving into construction in the early 1980s. A successful Hindi film, Deewar, was based on his life story.

William Henry, journalist and writer, died New York City 28 June, aged 44. As theatre critic for Time magazine from 1985, was known for drawing attention to new playwrights. In 1980 he became the youngest person ever to win a Pulitzer prize for criticism. His books included biographies of Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason.