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Mervyn Wall, writer, died Dublin 18 May, aged 88. A short-story writer, playwright and novelist, he also served as Secretary of the Irish Arts Council from 1957 to 1975.

Richard Trench, traveller and writer, died 18 May, aged 48. Author of Forbidden Sands, an account of his journey from Mauritania to Timbuktu, and of Arabian Travellers (1980).

Rob Palmer, underwater explorer, died off Gitun Island, Egypt 5 May, aged 45. Held depth records for dives in the Blue Holes in the Bahamas (2,700 feet) and in Cheddar Gorge.

James Fox, FBI agent, died 16 May, aged 59. As head of the FBI's New York office (1987-93), sent the Mafia chief John Gotti to jail in 1991; in 1993 led investigations of the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Marcelino Lora, politician, died Lisbon 21 May, aged 94. President of Columbia's senate 1934-36.