Obituary: Alvilde Lees-Milne

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YOUR obituaries of Alvilde Lees- Milne (by Lady Mary Keen and Lady Dorothy Heber-Percy, 22 March) did not quite convey what fun she was, writes Duff Hart-

Davis. About her achievements as a gardener she was totally modest, but to the very end of her long life there was a flash in her eye and a sparkle in her conversation which put everyone near her on their mettle. Quirky remarks, barked out in her abrupt and rather deep voice, called for answers of equal originality and set the company fizzing.

She was also a first-class cook, who added further spice to her delicious food by constantly running it down. 'I don't suppose this tastes of anything at all,' she would mutter as she handed round a wonderful avocado mousse fiercely spiked with lemon juice and garlic - and then, as she brought forth a magnificent apple pudding: 'I expect this is filthy: you might do better with cheese.'