Obituary: Elfrida Vipont

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AS ONE of the many sixth-formers from the nine Quaker Schools who, over 15 years ago, met Elfrida Vipont on the 'School's Pilgrimage' to the Quaker Country around her home, may I add my recollections of this delightful lady? writes Deborah Richards (further to the obituary by Nicholas Tucker, 26 June).

Not only did she serve on Quaker committees, but she served the Society of Friends as an important link in the chain of Quaker history. From her home she provided a base for us sixth-formers to explore Quaker history and values on their original territory. The old Meeting Houses at Brigflatts and Sedbergh, the wonders of Pendle Hill and George Fox's view of Morecambe Bay were brought to life by her verbal artistic descriptions of the Quaker past. In doing so for many sixth-formers (and others) she gave a wider base to our experience of those gentle Christian people called Quakers.

At the age we were this gave us an inspiration to grapple with the uncertainties of the spiritual life, and put us in touch with some of the Christian values that have shaped our adult lives.