Obituary: Geoffrey Drain

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GEOFFREY DRAIN had another distinction not mentioned in Geoffrey Goodman's sympathetic obituary (6 April), writes Nicholas Faith.

In 1984 he became the first trade- union leader to be elected chairman of a leading London club. He had always enjoyed being a member of the Reform: indeed legend has it that he used to invite his fellow union secretaries to join him for a refreshing glass while leading marches to and from Trafalgar Square. He proved an admirable choice as chairman, tactful, and amused rather than annoyed at the eruptions of the more choleric members. Following his retirement he was elected one of the three trustees of the club.

Until last week Geoffrey could often be seen at the corner of the bar sipping at a glass of champagne - he had previously exercised his chairman's prerogative by ensuring that the price did not rise for several years.