Obituary: Graham Fraser

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James Graham Fraser, otolaryngologist: born London 1 May 1936; Consultant Otolaryngologist, University College Hospitals 1971-94; Patron, National Association of Deafened People 1986-94; President, British Cochlear Implant Group 1990-93; died London 8 February 1994.

GRAHAM FRASER transformed my life and that of many others, writes Lord Ashley of Stoke. A visionary, who saw the practical possibilities of cochlear implants, he sought and fought for a national implant programme in Britain.

He had to contend with the doubts of some surgeons, the refusal of the National Health Service to help initially, and lack of funds. That he succeeded is a tribute to his far-sightedness, determination and courage. Britain's cochlear implant programme is a great memorial to Graham Fraser, and the gratitude and affection of his patients cannot be measured.