Obituary: Harry Nilsson

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HARRY NILSSON was a very talented writer, singer, writes Randy Newman (further to the obituary by Chris Salewicz, 17 January).

I recently saw The Point, the film he did in 1971/72, an animated film and it was really good, much better than I thought it was at the time. I think we were so judgemental in those days, but it was really very good. His own songs I don't think have the recognition now that they deserve. What did I like? 'One is The Loneliest Number', 'A Drop of Water' from The Point. His own songs are worth taking a look at. He was a tremendous vocalist, a one in a million type of voice and talent; the ear he had for it.

I think when I met him, he'd heard my songs. He did an album of my songs, which was one of the greatest honours I've ever had in some ways, for someone like him to think so highly of your work. It almost finished his career.

He was a good guy. A considerate guy. A good guy to be around. It was a confusing time and we made each other more confused. We thought about music. The records we made were like we hadn't heard rock 'n' roll, like the Rolling Stones didn't exist. We thought rock would go in a completely different direction, like a branch of Homo sapiens who didn't become Homo