Obituary: Hidalgo Moya

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THE obituary of Hidalgo Moya (by John Winter, 11 August) reminded me of two incidents in his work on Harlow new town in the 1950s, writes Don Anderson.

First, treatment of clients. An old alderman, who insisted upon attending Moya's display of designs for a housing area, and to persuade his colleagues that he could contribute, said, 'Yes, Mr Moya, I like this end, but I'm not so sure about the other.' In reply Moya neatly tore his layout in two and said, 'Very well sir, I'll build this end and you build the other.' I used this true story for many years to epitomise for my students the correct relation between client and professional. Second, innovative use of materials. No one believed plasterboard hung on piano- wire could serve as partitioning between bedrooms: it still does.