Obituary: Llewellyn Rees

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WHILE I was associated with the London Arts Theatre, it was decided that we would have special monthly club suppers, for each of which I agreed to find an interesting guest speaker. It was then that I met Llewellyn Rees, who kindly agreed to act as chairman and introduce each guest, writes William Wordsworth (further to the obituaries by Peter Cotes, 10 January, and Ronald Harwood, 11 January).

He was an impressive and most amusing speaker, with a fine command as well as a love of the English language. Once or twice when our guest proved less than mildly interesting, Llewellyn would save the evening.

His friend Robert Morley's remark 'I always throught Lulu would be a strong finisher' was most apposite for Llewellyn's nineties. He was given a word processor for his 90th birthday with which he said he intended to write his autobiography. In a short time he learnt the technology and completed his book, which was delivered to a publisher on the day he died.