Obituary: Lord Zuckerman

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ONE OF the multifaceted concerns of Lord Zuckerman's life which ought not to go unrecorded is his important role in the foundation of the University of East Anglia, writes Frank Thistlethwaite (further to the obituaries by Lord Chalfont, Lord Healey and Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, 2 April).

He was not only a member but a principal force of the Academic Planning Board which created the university. In particular, it was his widely ranging and probing intellect which sketched out both the first School of Biological Sciences in Britain and the School of Environmental Sciences, which has become internationally renowned as the first to embrace both the physical and the social sciences. Not content with this he kept up his relation with the university as its Professor at Large, bringing to it from time to time an array of scientific talent which we could not otherwise have expected to enjoy, as well as the benefit of his personal archive. He was a great benefactor not only to the university but through it to the vitality of Britain's intellectual life.