Obituary: Mary Norton

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THE STAFF and pupils of Leighton Middle School were saddened to read of the death of Mary Norton, writes Nicholas Luckett (further to the obituary by Vanessa Hamilton, 4 September).

The 'idyllic home' to which your obituary refers now forms part of the school premises: it was built in 1855 as the home of John Dollin Bassett and was called 'The Cedars'. I would hasten to add, however, that Leighton Buzzard is in Bedfordshire: unlike its neighbour, Linslade, it has never been part of Buckinghamshire.

Leighton Middle School was established on the site in 1974, when the Cedars Grammar School vacated the premises and moved to a new site as the Cedars Upper School. The grounds include a magnificent collection of trees, a late-seventeenth-century former banqueting hall and an eighteenth-century garden temple.

Mary Norton admirers who would like to see the setting of the 'Borrowers' series, or any of your readers who would care to follow the recently established Tree Trail through the grounds of her old home are very welcome to visit if they first contact me (Leighton Middle School, Church Square, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 7AE, telephone 0525 374907).