Obituary: Sir Alex Alexander

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ALEX ALEXANDER was a Trustee and a Director of Glyndebourne from the mid-Seventies until the late Eighties, writes Sir George Christie (further to the obituary by Steven J. Berger, 1 August). He did more to change the face of Glyndebourne's fortunes than any other single individual. He was the best fund- raiser in the business - and got his colleagues at Glyndebourne to think in terms of large five-figure sums rather than in four-figure sums.

He brought, too, a business sense to the operation of the festival and Glyndebourne Touring Opera which pervaded every department. He did this with great charm and huge commitment. He conducted his business affairs under a strict code of ethics, breachable at your own risk. I can't think of a friendship I have ever had which I value more highly.