Obituary: Sir Maynard Jenour

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TO DESCRIBE Sir Maynard Jenour as an 'industrialist of the old school', as Tony Heath did in your obituary (11 September), could be misleading for readers who knew him a little, knew of him or who read obituaries for bits of 20th-century history, writes Ian Sutherland. He was never old-fashioned. I hope Heath meant that Sir Maynard was knowledgeable, courteous, rather wise and unfussy in his industrial and public service.

I did some consulting work for him 20-odd years ago and he took me on to the deserted trading floor of the Cardiff Exchange. I carry the picture he gave of himself as a young man when he worked there with a 500-ton ship due in the port and arguing farthings per tons of coal to put together a cargo in time to meet the charter.

As a cricketer he was shrewd. His General Manager told me that as an apprentice he was in a team that used to travel to Monmouth to play Sir Maynard's team. Sir Maynard used to kid the lads from the works in the visiting team into a pint (or three) beforehand. It took a couple of seasons for them to notice that it took the edge off their performance.

He liked good artists in Wales. His office had a Kerryl Watts and a Ceri Richards among others and he knew why he had them.