OBITUARY: Spencer Boney

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Spencer Boney's thwarted performance of Islamey - engagingly reported by Paul Roberts [obituary, 8 September] - had a more fulfilling prelude twomonths earlier, writes Robert Maycock. It certainly looked odd to see the piece announced, during this year's Covent Garden Festival, at a concert of songs, arias and ensembles. But on strode Spencer Boney and the music duly occurred with full panache.

There was space then only to report that "one pianist, Spencer Boney, took on Balakirev's Islamey and won". The review had to miss out the energy of the playing, the refusal to be daunted by the score's torrent of notes, and the way it brought round an audience impatient to get on with the singing to respond with enthusiasm. Boney had become on this evidence a name to watch out for.