Obituary: Stanley Hall

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MAY I add a postscript to Derek Granger's obituary of Stanley Hall (14 January)? writes Anna Korwin.

As recently as last year Stanley Hall designed the make-up for my one-woman show about Maria Callas. I telephoned him on the suggestion of a mutual friend and asked for his help. He immediately invited me to his house near Robertsbridge and evolved an excellent make-up which has made an important and invaluable contribution to the production.

But much more than that: his offers of help, his enthusiasm for the play, his suggestion as to where I should do the show, his message of good luck - such warmth and friendship are indeed rare.

A second visit followed to his beautiful, unusual house and wonderful garden with the birds and animals he loved, a tour of the exhibition he and Charles Castle had opened in Battle. On short acquaintance we had become fast friends.