Obituary: Stanley Kennett

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FOR MANY years before and after the war, Stanley Kennett accepted the teaching of Metallurgy and Dental Materials to Liverpool dental students, writes Professor Roy Storer (further to the obituary by D. Ben Rees, 20 May). At that time, Dental Materials Science, as it is now known, was in its infancy as a subject of importance in the dental curriculum.

As someone totally divorced from the activities of the Dental School, he most ably conducted a course of lectures and practical classes for students who were eager to commence their clinical studies. The photograph of Stanley Kennett published with the obituary reminded me vividly of his upright appearance at the lectern, of his engaging smile and of his enthusiasm for a subject that was considered unimportant by some but which inspired others. He was a gifted lecturer who had a real interest in those he taught, from whatever Faculty they came.