Olly Murs reveals his systematic approach to eating chocolate bars in bizarre interview

'Until I moved out of my parents’ home at 27, I didn’t really care about kitchens'

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Ever wondered what X Factor host Olly Murs thinks about scotch eggs? Whether he cares about kitchens? How he selects confectionery?

Thank the old gods and the new, because now we have answers, in an interview he gave to The Guardian which starts "As a kid I absolutely hated peas" and only gets better.

The latest instalment of the Observer's 'Life on a Plate' feature has a ton of amazing quotes which I urge you to read here.

A couple of stand-outs:

"When I worked as a recruitment consultant I’d buy a homemade scotch egg from the butcher at lunch, then go to the newsagent and buy a different chocolate bar each day. I’d decided to start top left and work to the right, then did the same on the next shelf down … and I ate 300 different bars systematically over a year."

"Until I moved out of my parents’ home at 27, I didn’t really care about kitchens."

"[Simon Cowell] cooked me a curry – well, I’m sure he didn’t cook it, his team did – and then we had a shepherd’s pie so it was pretty random."

Key questions:

What newsagent stocks 300 chocolate bars?

Can shepherd's pie be considered 'random'?

What did his family kitchen do to scar him?

I for one am psyched for next week's edition, which will hopefully see Paul Danan dish the dirt on Angel Delight, egg cooking times and hilarious naked body aprons.