Oprah Winfrey sued by 86-year-old nuclear physicist

Retired Charles D Goodman takes legal action against America’s most famous talk show host

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Oprah is being sued by an 86-year-old physicist.

Charles D. Goodman's lawsuit against the talk show host, filed in San Miguel Country District Court, claims that her recent purchase of a plot of land near Telluride, Colorado, has stopped access to hiking trails that have been open to the public for nearly three decades.

Winfrey bought 66 acres of land in Mountain Village for $10.85million in March. Her lots are situated next to the Telluride Ski Ranches, a residential development where Goodman built a holiday home in 1972.

He and his family have been using the public paths for years, but entry has been blocked since Winfrey's company, Yellow Brick Road, made the deal.


Impressively undeterred by her status, Goodman is determined not to allow the talk show host to ruin his family’s future hiking holidays.

“I don't care if Oprah is a neighbour, but if she is going to cut off access to trails, I don't find that acceptable,” Goodman told The Denver Post.

Winfrey hopes to make an agreement with the pensioner.

"Yellow Brick Road CO LLC will continue to work with the residents of the Ski Ranches HOA to enable them to have reasonable access over portions of the company's recently acquired property for recreational trail use. It is our hope that we can work together on a usage plan that is mutually agreeable," a statement from Wendy Luckenbill of the Oprah Winfrey Network and Yellow Brick Road said.

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