Orlando Bloom victory dances like no one's watching following alleged fight with Justin Bieber 'over Miranda Kerr'

The actor is completely over last week’s reported altercation apparently

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Justin Bieber may or may not have left Orlando Bloom weeping after an alleged fight, but the Lord of the Rings actor no longer cares either way.

It may have been one of the most cringe-inducing high-profile scraps ever to have allegedly taken place (according to wild speculation and a barely decipherable video, Bloom 'punched' Bieber after they allegedly rowing over Bloom’s former wife Miranda Kerr, with whom the singer reportedly had a fling while she was still married), but admirably Bloom has appeared to have taken it on the chin.

Here he is dancing like a man who definitely did not get riled by the 20-year-old pop star who cruelly gave the world "Baby". To the sounds of Pharrell’s "Happy", he busts some interesting moves while standing on top of a bench in a Spanish restaurant – arms flail, legs kick, fists hit the air, hands are clapped; everything is very big. He’s just so happy.

People stop to pose for pictures with him, but he won’t stop bouncing. He’s too busy not caring about Bieber.

Bieber himself has done little to dispel rumours that the pair were involved in a fight last week in Ibiza, first sharing a shot of Kerr in a bikini on Instagram (which he immediately deleted; he’s tough like that) and then posting a picture of Bloom appearing to cry, captioning it with a crown.


Representatives for Bieber, Bloom or Kerr are yet commented on the reports.