Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide: how the trial unfolded in pictures

Murder trial captivated the world  for more than six months

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From the moment the first reports of an arrest emerged, this was a trial that gripped the world’s attention with horror and intrigue.

More than just another sporting hero, Oscar Pistorius was an athlete whose profile transcended the usual boundaries for a track star. This was a man who had overcome all barriers before him, the poster boy of the Paralympic movement and – at the London Olympics – became the breakthrough star who proved that he could compete shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s elite able-bodied sprinters.

Then the arrest. On Valentine’s Day 2013, Reeva Steenkamp is found dead, shot three times in Pistorius’s bathroom. Could it really be happening to such a man of extraordinary achievement? Then the details that trickled out: witness claims of an argument, raised voices. The layout of his apartment becomes a talking point of his own – how could he have walked from the balcony, past his bed without seeing Steenkamp was not there? Was he wearing his artificial legs? Why was the bloodied body of the victim shown so shockingly in court? What was going on inside the mind of the athlete as he sobbed so dramatically – even vomited – in court?

And now the end: guilt of culpable homicide. No intent to kill.