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We hear he's big in France...

Yes, massive. Johnny has even been described as the Elvis Presley of the French-speaking world, but to most Brits he is still the "biggest rock star you've never heard of". He has sold over 110 million records. Despite announcing he would retire in 2009, the 69-year-old is still performing and is in the process of recording what will be his 50th album.

So what's new?

Johnny was admitted to hospital on Saturday, while 'hallydaying' in the Caribbean. He had been taking a much needed break from yet another epic world tour. His manager has said he is being treated for bronchitis and although Johnny is apparently "doing well", he is being kept in for further tests. Fans were given quite a scare when the news first broke; French news channel TF1 had reported he was in intensive care.

Should they still be worried?

Well it's by no means the first health scare the legendary performer has been through. In 2009 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and an operation on his hernia later that year went badly, resulting in the singer being put into a medically induced coma. His press team have said that his state of health is "completely reassuring", so with a little luck the gravel-voiced rocker will be back on stage in no time.

At least we've heard of him now.

Exactly. Every cloud has a silver lining. Non?