Page 3 Profile: Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire


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Someone's had a busy Bank Holiday weekend.

While the rest of us were relaxing, the backbench Conservative MP was busy laying into party colleague Louise Mensch. In her latest column on the Conservative Home website, Dorries savages Mensch as "void of principle" and questions the sincerity of her reason to stand down as an MP – to see more of her family.

What did she do to incur Nadine's wrath?

Mensch's cardinal sin was to suggest that last week's publication of naked photographs of Prince Harry in Las Vegas was in the public interest. In a Radio 4 interview she argued that as the Royal Family is funded by taxpayers, there were "security and judgement issues" in Harry inviting strangers into his hotel room. Saint Dorries however did not see it this way, condemning the member for Corby as an ambitious schmoozer.

These aren't the first feathers Nadine has ruffled.

Indeed; Dorries is not one to bite her tongue. Last year she riled liberals by preaching abstinence in place of sex education for teenage girls. When her proposals for pro-life faith groups to provide abortion counselling failed, she accused David Cameron of giving in to Lib Dem "blackmail". And she turned on her own when she derided David Cameron and George Osborne as "two arrogant posh boys". But her latest internecine swipe appears to have little more than bemused Mensch, who responded on Twitter: "waking up to find self on the Nadine Dorries naughty step. which is a pity as I spend my entire time worrying about what she thinks. (ahem)."