Fog cleared

Pandora: friend of the ambassadors

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Following my procurement, in a recent column, of an invitation to the German ambassador's summer garden party, I am delighted to announce that the differences between London's Embajada de Colombia and two of its former staff have been resolved.

Last October the embassy said that Vanessa Pretelt and Adrianne Foglia had "disappeared" and gone awol in our capital. Pretelt is the daughter of Colombia's former minister of the interior and justice, while Foglia is a government public relations shooter.

His Excellency Carlos Medellin, the embassy's newish incumbent, says that a government investigation has cleared the ladies of any wrongdoing and the embassy "wishes to withdraw the previous statement". Aguardiente ("burning water") all around!

I look forward to an invitational "stiffie" from Mr Medellin inviting me to discuss the matter further at his private residence.