Pandora: A perfect pair? Davis plays party’s cupid

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David Davis’s attempt to become Tory party leader over three years ago may not have gone entirely to plan, but his ill-fated campaign did, at least, have one happy outcome.

Over the weekend, Davis’s former spin doctor, Dave Hart, married his long-term girlfriend Zoe Aylward.

The girls’ involvement caused a stir back in the autumn of 2005, when Davis’s team employed them to wear tight-fitting T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “It’s DD For Me”.

Davis, who went on to be heavily beaten by David Cameron, faced criticism for the stunt, with some accusing him of sexism – despite the fact that the young women had suggested the outfit in the first place.

Happily, the furore did little to dampen Hart and Aylward’s budding romance. I’m told that their Eastbourne ceremony even included a note from Davis reminding them of the incident.

“It was a fantastic occasion, and Davis sent them a lovely message on the day,” says a guest.

Ben gets front row fatigue

London Fashion Week has only just kicked off, but from the sound of things, the models are already finding it a strain. Ben Grimes, the former face of Burberry, tells me she has had quite enough cocktails and canapes for one year. “I am so over model parties,” she complains. “There’s always some horrible rich man there who will leer over you. I am just not interested in them.” Just as well, then, that this year’s festivities have been cut short. Thanks to a scheduling clash, the capital’s catwalks will only show for four days rather than the usual seven.

Damji returns to journalism

*Hold on to your trilbies – Farah Damji is making a return to journalism. The colourful former magazine editor – who was famously convicted of fraud before escaping from prison and chronicling her freedom via her Myspace page – tells me that she has been covering ethical fashion for the up-coming style website fashion

Damji, currently busy writing her autobiography, is an old hand with a notebook. Back in the early noughties, she cut her teeth on Asian lifestyle magazine Another Generation, where she was both editor and publisher.

Jasmine’s M&S plan no longer so Rosy

It seems that relations have cooled between Jasmine Guinness and Marks & Spencer's boss Sir Stuart Rose.

Just a few weeks ago, the cherubic socialite told Pandora that her offer to design and model a range of tights for the department store chain still stood.

“Even if I only got free pants and bras, I think it would still be the best job,” she claimed at the time. “It would be great.”

Her attitude at Sunday’s Mac Salutes party, however, was rather less enthusiastic.

“I wouldn’t want to be the face of a campaign now – I moved on from all that,” she insisted.

“I am just concentrating on my toy store now – we are launching on the internet in the next couple of weeks. That is the full extent of my exciting life!”

Prezza’s verbal attack

*Just because John Prescott has (finally) embraced the blogosphere, it doesn’t mean he’s lost his knack for an old-fashioned verbal bashing. The former Deputy Prime Minister was promoting his website in Manchester when he turned his fire on party colleagues in nearby Bolton.

“The organisation there is crap,” he growled. A heartening insight, I’m sure, for Prezza's former Cabinet colleague and Bolton West MP, Ruth Kelly.