Pandora: Catch him if you can

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Early bird? Anders Fogh Rasmussen is.

The former prime minister of Denmark now secretary general of the Nato, has begun to take his out-of-hours exercise in the small hours of the morning.

According to a Pandora mole, the "most handsome (ex) prime minister in Europe" (as Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of Italy, once christened him) could recently be found jogging through one foreign city at four in the morning.

"He's very fit – physically, I mean," says our source.

"But his travelling schedule can be so busy that he has begun taking his exercise at odd times of day to fit it in," the source said.

Indeed, Mr Rasmussen is renowned for his stamina; has been known to invite his Facebook friends to run alongside him, and once completed the difficult Alpe d'Huez stage of the 2008 Tour de France.

Apparently, his latest habit has alarmed body guards, since all are too unfit to keep up with him.

Too many pastries?

Hoult's in at the deep end

Filming Tom Ford's directorial debut – the adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's novel A Single Man – Nicholas Hoult, right, was required to strip naked and wade into the sea at night with Colin Firth. The scene has had certain repercussions. "I still get messages saying, 'Fancy a swim?'," the young actor was heard to complain at the Sanderson Hotel's 10-year anniversary party. "But I need that banter – it keeps me grounded."

Drumming up familial support, Zac Goldsmith, the cherubic Conservative candidate for Richmond Park, has his mother, Annabel Vane-Tempest, and sister, Jemima, pounding the pavements on his behalf. Even better, Jemima has been tweeting about it. She writes: "My Mum: 'Darling, it's going marvellously. But what's a ponce?'." Ah, perhaps not.

Pandora had no problem running the London Marathon (cough). Not so Gordon Ramsay, who had to be carried off mid-way through. Sarah Symonds, his alleged former mistress (and one-time squeeze of Lord Archer), was unimpressed.

"Our ginger Scottish chef friend looked awful," she said. "I'm worried for his health. He's not half as fit as when I knew him."

Collins commits herself to Cameron

A lesson in etiquette, now, from Joan Collins. Don't ask what she is up to. "I won't talk about it," she barks. "The last time I did, the movie was cancelled." She will, however, tell you who she's voting for; her historic antipathy for David Cameron is no more. "I hope he gets in," she says. Collins was once outed as a patron of Ukip but, as she said at the time, being a patron doesn't mean voting for them. Apparently.