Pandora: Cherie returns to the promo circuit (again)

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Pandora had begun to worry about Cherie Blair. After all, we hadn't seen her since... oh, goodness knows when. Surely she was due an appearance (fee) sometime soon?

Oh, all right. We're being facetious. Though, still: we were starting to wonder. Happily, it appears we won't have to much longer.

Mrs Blair (or Ms Booth, depending on which service she's selling) is due to return to the literary circuit this summer to plug her memoirs, Speaking For Myself.

It is a curious development since one might well imagine that, two years after its release, the book's promotional period was rather over. Apparently not.

"She'll be speaking at Swindon and Buxton festivals," explains a spokesman. "They are both events that approached her last year but which she couldn't make. She was due to do Buxton then, but contracted swine flu." Ah, yes.

Her first appearance, at Swindon, is due just three days before the general election. Not that we should expect any campaigning on her part; relations with the Browns are best described as, ahem, arctic.

The lesser of the evils gets Jamil's vote

"It's not a matter of who's got the better policies – it's literally a case of thinking 'Who's less evil?'" muses Jameela Jamil, wide-eyed model turned yoof-TV-presenter, about the election.

"I'm so confused as to who's actually worse. And I just don't think there's much of a point voting for the Lib Dems."

The Battle of the Wives, however, is more easily resolved: "I like Sarah Brown. She's a bit of alright."

Hague rides to rescue of the Dragon

Good news for the long-closed pub, the George and Dragon in the North Yorkshire village of Hudswell.

Local MP William Hague is among those who have bought shares in the hostelry in order to get it re-opened. The Tory deputy, currently to be found at a Burger King near you (Pandora, passim), is among punters to have raised £227,000. He should be well placed to keep them in business; after all, 14 pints clocks up a large tab. Chicken Royale on the way home?

Recognise a brain box when you see one?

"You know, I've got an IQ of 146," announced Liz McClarnon, modestly, at the launch of Recognise magazine. "Mmm", murmured Pandora. "Did you know Frank Lampard's was 150?"

Tragically, the former Atomic Kitten's line of work isn't best suited to showcase her talents. She currently presents BBC 3's mind-numbing Hotter Than My Daughter.

"I do The Wright Stuff sometimes," reflects Liz. "I really get on with Matthew Wright – he's praised me a couple of times for my political knowledge. To be honest, I prefer fun things."

Emily Benn plays political trump card

Emily Benn, politically precocious granddaughter of Tony, is running to become the youngest member of Parliament – in East Worthing and Shoreham. She's also got a few nifty campaign tricks up her sleeve. This Sunday, she'll be hosting an evening of music and politics, with an orchestra of "friends and young musicians". And who should be conducting but young Emily herself? Tony, we're told, will be dropping in to show his support.