Pandora: Emily looks on the bright side

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Emily Mortimer's latest flick hasn't been met with kindest of reviews – critics have variously described The Pink Panther 2 as "aimless and derivative" and "a waste of time" – but the comely English actress is still looking on the bright side.

"You just amble through Paris and have a nice bottle of wine or two," she told reporters at the film's premiere. "Then you go to work and talk to each other in stupid French accents."

The criticism is a rare knock – Mortimer, 37, has risen steadily up the Hollywood ranks since she crossed the Atlantic a few years back.

Campbell catches up with blogging brigade

Somewhat belatedly, Alastair Campbell has joined the digital revolution. Despite enthusiastic denials that he would get involved in Labour's "online fightback", Tony Blair's former spin doctor, pictured, has unveiled a snazzy new website,

Devoted to the Campbell's career as a "communicator, writer and strategist", it includes a blog, a rundown of books he has written and links to his favourite sites. But it is the introductory video which is providing most amusement, with what appears to be a collection of career highlights. There are meet-and-greets with Nelson Mandela, the conclusion of the Northern Ireland peace process and, er, Peter Mandelson's (second) resignation.

Campbell is all innocence. "It's highs and lows," he protests.

Rourke is the light of Baftas party

Mickey Rourke's exotically-phrased acceptance speech at Sunday night's Baftas wasn't the only bit of mischief the Best Actor got up to.

I'm told that organisers of the Grey Goose after-party at London's Soho House repeatedly had to ask the Hollywood star to refrain from lighting up indoors.

"He seemed to think that some rooms were smoking and others weren't," says my mole. "When he was told he couldn't he moaned that he was desperate."

Earlier, Rourke had caused a similar stir on the red carpet, where his Dolce & Gabbana outfit was accessorised with a cheeky fag.

Hamilton is calling herself a battleaxe

Pandora hasn't heard from Christine Hamilton since she appeared alongside her husband Neil, the former Tory MP, at the Edinburgh Festival (she flashed at the audience while he was spanked by a couple of men in red leather bondage gear) – so it's good to know that her enterprising ways are still in rude health.

I hear her latest stunt is an advertising campaign for the online law firm, the Legal Deed Service, in which she will change her name to Mrs British Battleaxe.

"When she first suggested doing it we were extremely surprised," admits a spokesman for company. "But it was such a good idea that we went ahead with it and made it official. We have had some unusual name-changes in the past, but this takes the biscuit."

No doubt Mrs Hamilton – or, as she will soon be known, Mrs Battleaxe – will have plenty to say on the matter. Pandora expects a follow-up campaign to be announced soon.

Flanders flounders

Poor Stephanie Flanders. First, the BBC's economics editor missed the biggest economics story in recent memory (she was on maternity leave when the credit crunch hit). Now she is back at work, insiders predict a power struggle between her and the Beeb's recession poster-boy Robert Peston. Colleagues point out that Flanders's blog, "Stephanomics", is coming off very much second best. "Robert's blog is generating far more public feedback than Stephanie's right now," says one.